Internet Advertising

To some, advertising on the internet was the best investment I ever made, to others, it was a waste of thousands of dollars! No matter what your experience has been, we all can agree that having a website that does not get any traffic or results can be a waste and a headache.

That headache continues when internet advertising rookies start trying to decipher the jargon and acronyms of advertising.

PPC – Pay Per Click

CPM – Cost Per Impression

CPL – Cost Per Lead

CPA – Cost Per Action

Let Wet Web Design help you develop and internet advertising strategy that works for you. Our process is simple.

1. Need Evaluation

The first thing we do is listen to what you want to achieve and how you have gotten where you are at. What has worked and not worked! What bridges are burned and what bridges need to be built! From there, we talk money

2. Budget Planning

The second step we take will talk about budget. What do you or don’t you have. This step will determine a lot about where to start and where to stop and where to never go again. This step help establish a mutual trust and honesty about where you are at. Probably the greatest part about advertising on the internet is the ability to control your budget and you can start anywhere (with even a few dollars a day).

3. Plan the Work and Work the Plan

This is the launching pad. It is here that we put into action a strategic plan. Wet is all about working smarter, not harder and with the proper advertising plan, this goal can be achieved, but not until after the evaluation.

4. Evaluation

This is where Wet separates itself from everyone else. If it is not working, let’s adjust or alter the plan. In an economy like we have today, we will make it work for you!

To speak to our team about advertsing, call us at 800-808-3884.