Website S.E.O. Faq's

Lots of people contact up about S.E.O. services, some looking for help and others looking to sell us their services. Every once in a while we will hire an outside company to see if what they are selling is real. I’m sorry to say I have not found anyone yet who has fulfilled their promises. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on these companies who promise to get us to the top of the search engines and not one of them has fulfilled the agreement. 99% of all S.E.O. companies are scams!!!

My suggestion is to stay clear of any company that promises to get you to the top of the search engines. It cost thousands of dollars a month to get real results. Why? Because it’s a lot of work and energy that most companies cannot afford to take on.

To combat this issue we have come up with less expensive ways to get results and get you more customers without loosing your shorts. Over time you can make more money and this will allow you to spend more to get better results. Below are a list of our most asked S.E.O. questions.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is defined as: "The process of finding out the best keywords for a web site and by the use of optimizing the web site along with other off-page work making that web site attain a higher position in the search engine result pages for those selected words."

SEO is more like a branch of online marketing. In general terms you can say that it means to make a web site more visible and make it look important in the eyes of search engines.

What is Page Ranking and how does it work?

One big way in which search engines are granting importance to web pages are based on how many other sites are linking to it.

Page Rank is a system implemented by Google that measures web pages importance with only taking into account the links and links related factors. The other big search engines (Yahoo, MSN) probably have a similar system but without an official measurement.

The basics are that each web page is giving votes to the links on that page and the power of the vote is determined by the number of links pointing to the page that gives the vote. The votes are divided among the links on the page so the lesser number of links, the more share of the vote is given to each link. Internal links are given a higher share than external.

The scale is between 0-10 but in fact it has many decimals which we cannot see. 0-3 is the most common, 4 is obtained by getting an amount of links and 5 takes some work to get. Only a short list of sites on the Internet has PageRank 10.

How is the best way to write the title?

The title is most probably the single most important place to put your keyword. Have the word in the beginning of the title, looking natural. Try to vary it in different forms as well. If you want to brand your company name you should keep that name in the end.

Try to follow this and at the same time make it look natural and appealing for the visitors. Remember that this is what is most visible in the Search Result pages.

In the long run, how do I get enough or more visitors?

1. Good content, and lots of it updated regularly over a period of months/years

2. On page optimization (static URLs, proper title and meta tags, use of H1, H2 tags, etc)

3. Off page optimization (link popularity, building up inbound links)

4. Community building tools (forums, article comments, whatever applies)

5. Viral marketing (release something people want for free with some tag to your site on it)

6. Promotion and Advertising (promote your site where ever you go however you can)

Why am I not ranked 1 or on page 1 at Google?

There are many reasons a web site doesn't display or rank well in search engine results. Several different on and off page factors come into play. Here are some possibilities:

1. Crawl ability your web design is not readable by search engine spiders.

2. Web visibility is poor. Your website may not be having good amount of back links, Websites that have more links from other sites pointing to them are viewed by the search engines as "important".

3. Regularly updated content. Search engines especially Google love fresh content.

4. What Do You Want to Rank For.

A very essential thing to bear in mind before getting a new website live is to determine what your site is all about. If you're into "Auto Transport" business, these terms should appear and must be discussed on your pages frequently.

When will I see results?

It will take a while depending on the competitiveness of your target keywords and the ability of your website to be at par or above competition. SEO is very much a long-term proposition. Significant results usually begin to appear anywhere from weeks to a few months after SEO work has been done, depending on how well established the site is.

Do you create Websites without doing the SEO?

Yes we create sites and then you can choose to add our SEO services later.

Do you do SEO without having created the Website?

Yes we do SEO for websites that we have not created. In a nutshell SEO is doe on-site and off-site. On Site coding etc accounts for about 40% of a websites success in getting found, So in the cases, where we don’t have control of the web site-we will provide code and suggestions for the Agent/Broker to ask his web developer to add to the site.

Off-page SEO is the bigger part of a site being found (getting in the top 1 to 3 pages of Google) we do that SEO by way of a One way links through Logs-Press releases and Articles
. Reciprocal Links from top ranking (PR value ) websites. Our links are all natural NOT PAID for. WE actually contact other website owners and ask for a reciprocal link.

Is there any way I can get Verification about my sites Ranking and history?

Yes. We send out monthly verifications show your site position for the search terms and the search engine. We typically monitor Google, Bing and Yahoo but we can add other Search engines that you want verification from.

Is SEO Cost Effective?

Great question, yes it is. Getting your site in the top pages of the search engines translates to traffic. The more traffic the better chance of finding a buyer or attracting a Seller thought your site position. More listings and more buyers of course mean more money. As to Cost, I often use this an explanation.

If you get one More deal a year, through your website (say a $200,000 home sale) Even at a 50% split, the commission will have paid for our services for a year.

How soon after my website is up before I get new customers?

If you put up a website and there is no SEO done-then depending on the domain name-the age of the domain name and what geographic area you want to be found under, the answer is, it could take from a year or less to basically forever.

Why does the Domain name matter?

The closer the Domain name is to an actual search phrase or keywords used the easier it will be to get found. For example if you are in Naples Florida–obviously www.naplesflrealestate.com rather then www.yourpersonalname.com will get ranked faster. The Idea here is try to get domain names that are as close to or actual Real Estate search phrases that people use.
* We can help you find a good domain name if you don’t already have one.

Why does the age of the domain name matter?

The age of a domain name can influence the SERPS results. Brand new domains are seen in effect as a new business. If the domain is say 3 years old it carries more weight. The Idea here is TRUST. Search engines believe that an older site will deliver more goods or information then a brand new site. The Search Engines definitely trust older sites more, which results in better rankings.

What geographic area–how does that matter?

If you are in New York City. There are lots of agents and lots of websites. If you are in Lebanon Mo, there is less competition. Think of it this way. To occupy page 1 of Google means that your site has to kick another site off to put yours there. So less competition makes it easier to get site position.

Can my site show up overnight on the first page of the search engines?

NO it cannot unless you use Google Adwords. All of the thousands of E-mails sent promising overnight site position are typically scams. Notice in those emails, that there is no web address, just an email address.

If there is a web address–then ask them where their site can be found on the front page of Google? If a company cannot get it’s own site on the front page how can they get yours there.

If I use your SEO services and eventually I am on page 1 of the search engines–will that get me buyers.

Good question. The answer is, it depends on what your site has to offer. Remember your site is your Online Marketing Presentation. If the site convinces a buyer you are the one to use, they may contact you. I say may, as Auto Transport is a percentage game and not all people looking at your site will contact you.

What can I do to improve people actually contacting me?

Get your site so that it gets lots of traffic.

So does SEO really matter?

10 years ago or more it didn’t matter as much. If you had a website, then people generally found it and you got inquiries. Today, there are zillions of websites out there and search engines have gotten better at providing results for a specific search term.

Specific Search Term–how does that work?

The Key Word here is RELEVANCE. Google wants sites on it’s top pages to be the most relevant for a given search term, So that means offering the best information based on the search term.

How do i determine what are good search terms?

We look at search phrases or terms and see how many times they are entered into search results. This also gives us variations of these search phrases. Example Auto Transport is a very popular search phrases but so is Auto Shipping or Car Moving. Both of these get less searches, meaning less competition, so we will plan for a site to get position in all 3 of these phrases. The idea being that Auto Transport is going to take the most time to get on the top page(s) and the other two will happen sooner. We basically want to get you traffic ASAP.