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A domain (url or .com) is a critical part to any website and is the address that people will type when they are going directly to your website. Without a domain and hosting on a server (where you website is housed) your website will not be viewable. Typically, your domain can be purchased at (the site we use) and will require you to pay for a minimum of a year(12 months) at a time. A server is usually purchased with monthly (or annual) payments. For more information on hosing and servers, call the Wet office to speak to a representative at (800) 970-1033 or email us at

Choosing the right domain is crucial. Obviously, there are thousands and thousands of options when selecting the right domain, for instance, you will have the option of choosing a .com, .net., org, .mobi, .tv, .org and many others.

Here are some different types of domains that you may want to consider:

1. Business Name Domains

The first domain we recommend that you secure is your company name. This is your identity and in most cases it is the website that you will advertise on business cards, fliers and mailings, therefore, Wet recommends that your main site be a .com rather than a .net or .info.

If you have not chosen a name for you company, we always recommend that you make sure that the .com is available before make the decision, because we feel it is THAT important.

2. Domains Around Your Name

From there, you should make sure that you invest the money into domains that are near your name. This will assure that any competition does not take any traffic or trespass on your brand.

3. Keyword Domain

Other domains that we recommend you consider are the keywords that potential customers use to find you. This will help drive traffic to you and make you easier to find when people are looking for you.

4. Business Name and Keyword Domains

The final category we look for when buying domains is both business name and keyword. Again, this will help drive traffic if they are searching for you but do not know you exact name.

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